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Denver Mergers & Acquisitions: Company Broker Group’s Revolutionary Approach to preparing businesses for sale and ultimately selling them always delivers Multiple Offers at the Highest Price and best terms for you, the seller.

When a person makes the decision to market their company for Denver mergers & acquisitions, conflicting advice flies, vultures circle closely, and unseen risk lurks – who can you really trust to tell you the truth and to know what is best for you?

Paul Olsen

Paul Olsen, Business Broker for CBG, has been serving Colorado Business owners for 24 years in all areas of Business Valuation, Consulting, Business Sales, and Exit Planning. Please call him direct at 303-522-2034 to discuss in 100% confidence how he can help sell your business under whatever terms you seek.

If you want to talk on the phone or perhaps meet face-to-face, to discuss how best to prepare your business for sale, our group will always be here.”

If you want to sell your business now or if you plan on Selling in the near future, I have vital experience-based information that even your most long-standing and trusted professionals may not tell you, or may not even know, because they may have little-to-no direct experience transacting businesses.

Company Broker Group – Mergers and Acquisitions team in Denver, Colorado. has assisted over 300 individuals who have sold companies for over $1 million in sales price. Some of these business sellers had originally been surprised by occurrences and unforeseen situations and emotions that their CPAs, attorneys, and other advisers never prepared them for prior to us meeting them.

For you, selling your business may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and a chance to get the largest paycheck of your life from the strongest buyer.

For many years now we have sold over 300 businesses in almost all industries including; service, construction, manufacturing, technology, internet-based, truck repair/automotive, wholesale/distribution, road work/paving, telecom and cable installation, fire and water damage, light industrial, business-to-business, and other professional service businesses.

Myself and several representatives in our office have now lived with these experiences for many years. We haven’t seen “it all”, but we have seen what we think are most-all of the mistakes business owners typically make in the negotiations and sales process prior to closing. It’s simple, we all know how to sell a car, or a home, but very few people really have direct experience or are getting good advice on how best to maximize the best deal for you.

We ONLY represent business owners in the packaging and preparing of the business for sale. Company Brokers has a wealth of knowledge and strong advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and unforeseen problems with missed opportunities that can occur in medium to larger transactions.

If you are within 3 months or even 3 years of selling your business, or are already dealing with due diligence or negotiating terms with a potential buyer, please call us today to discuss in confidentiality your specific situation and perhaps provide some initial advice on how to steer through the maze of decision-making in the selling process. We are always available to talk, even on weekends.

My cell number is 303-522-2034

There is no cost or obligation for our initial conversations and general advice. Hopefully we can learn about your goals and expectations for your potential business sale and what is most important to you. At a minimum we can provide some initial up front advice on some of the most critical things to be mindful of as you move forward or at least start the planning process as you prepare your business for sale.

As you know, nothing is really free, let me say this; it is possible that, after spending one or more hours with us in a confidential discussion, you will judge it appropriate to consider allowing us to provide advice to you and even perhaps represent you in the sale of your business ultimately. If so, we will welcome that opportunity. Please be reassured that our conversations will always be productive, insightful, frank, and will come from years of experience in tens of millions of dollars in business transactions right here in Colorado.

We have learned over the years that “buyers are sometimes much better at buying businesses than sellers are at selling businesses”. So YOU need to be prepared.

Most owners who consider selling their business want 3 things.

    1. The highest price and to close as soon as possible.
    2. The best terms they can get on all deal points.
    3. A seasoned & knowledgeable buyer – They desire a prospect with energy and a background matching the skill-set required to operate their company. Also, they want someone with a solid financial backing for future company growth.

“What distinguishes Company Brokers from other brokerage companies is that we have a private database of over 10,000 current buyers and private equity groups that stand ready to buy businesses. Because of this we can often represent Denver Mergers and Acquisitions by creating a match with buyer candidates without having to “advertise” it which may breach confidentiality.”

To sum it up – you may have 10, 20 or even 30 years of your life invested in your business. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the most financial return and the best terms on the sale of your business for merger or acquisition. Selling your business may hand you the biggest check of your life – because you are selling your most valuable asset. Make it count!

Timing is everything, and right now it’s a seller’s market.

No other M&A firm makes a competitive bidding market for your company the way we do. For years now, we have been using this same time-tested and incredibly successful approach to Denver Mergers and Acquisitions, selling business for top dollar and with the strongest and most qualified buyers. (Please see our lengthy library of video testimonies of successful transactions for Colorado-based business sellers.)

During this process, we market your company directly to a select group of targeted buyers, mainly in the U.S. – but also in other countries, with confidentiality and secrecy as a prime concern. Again, this is part of our proprietary approach. During our 20 years history, the demand for strong companies (or at least companies with an upside potential) has never been stronger. CBG has extensive experience in selling service, distribution, construction, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and all other blue and white-collar industry sector companies.

business valuationsWe always find highest quality strategic buyers throughout the US and Private Equity Groups (PEGs) for the business owners whose businesses we represent for sale. In fact, during the past 2 years we have consistently delivered between 5-10 full price offers (Letters of Intent) to our sell-side clients who had the widest variety of to choices of offers from the strongest buyer pool obtainable. In the end, this significantly increased the ultimate sales price and overall business value.

Strategic buyers will often value you business the highest, but Private Equity Groups act strategically as they seek add-on acquisitions for their portfolio of businesses. This is more aimed at the middle-market business seller.

We are able to find the greatest number of motivated buyers and PEGs who will pay more because YOU are the “piece missing in their jigsaw puzzle”. CBG has spent many years building business relationships with over 10,000 PEGs, high-net-worth people, and other strategic buyers in almost all industry sectors.

It is important to be clear here that although we have many buyer relationships, we don’t represent buyers – ever!

We then confidentially contact these entities and send them a short teaser which is designed to “mask” the business for sale, so they don’t know exactly which business is being sold until they sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement and updated buyer profile to be sure they are fully qualified to purchase the business. We don’t want a bunch of unqualified tire-kickers and low-ballers waiting your time.

After we locate and discreetly make contact with the right set of strategic and Private Equity Group buyers, CBG works closely with a select group of qualified perspective buyers until our client obtains the best buyer fit and the best price for their company.

All information that you provide is used only by CBG, LLC and is kept in strictest confidence.